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Vitamin World USA Corporation is a global retailer of vitamins and nutritional supplements and is headquartered on Long Island, New York in the United States.

Mike shared his frustrating experience, "I have been ordering from Vitamin World for a number of years. I had visited their actual storefront operation when it was in my area. They closed it a couple of years ago. I have been trying to order online for the last few days. I could not call them during their business hours over the weekend and a few days before. I tried ordering something that was on sale and every time I tried put it in my cart it would say "Ooops...Looks like you took the wrong turn." That happened over and over again. The next day when I called customer service to let them know the error message I received he said he did not know what happened. I asked him since it would not take my order could I get the sale price since I called in. He said "No, sorry. You will have to wait until it is on sale again. Check back every day because sometimes it is on sale for just that day."

Fast forward to tonight from two weeks ago, I just tried ordering something online again tonight and the same thing happened tonight when I tried to put it in my shopping cart "Ooops....Looks like you took a wrong turn." Looks like I will find another vitamin store to order from since they seem to not worry about fixing their online site problems."


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Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"When there are no customers in the store, we have to do meaningless tasks like counting products, cleaning shelves (it happened very often). Many times, we had to explain to our customers why we are not price-matching with our online store. We had to apologize for being not able to scan / redeem their gift card, due outdated technology."

Former Employee - Former Store Manager and DMIT says

"Owners and regionals lie about everything cant get product into stores and dont run it effectively"

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"low pay stressful hours unprofessional upper management"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"They seem to have forgotten that it is the store employees that make the business."

Former Employee - District Manager says

"Questionable leadership. During my entire tenure, addressing in stock issues were never resolved resulting in a significant loss of loyal customers."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Unorganize,so many negative things to say"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Pays very little Doesn’t give respect as deserved Too much work is being given compared to little income pay"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Corporate is strict. Mystery shoppers. Sales quotas."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay, no opportunity for college grads"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible management. Poor benefits. Cut all bonuses. Nothing to work for anymore."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It starts with the District Manager the District Manager shows no sense ability towards you as an employee it’s about making numbers she will clearly explain where he will clearly explain that they will cut your hours if conversion doesn’t meet the sales it is hard when you’re working in a tourism location. It seems simple yes I’m a great salesman and I don’t have selling for this business, your commission Sucks as well. I’m embarrassed for the time I worked there I felt like it was a waste of time. I’m a former leader at other retail businesses and I truly would say that leader ship was not a main focus in this business they will use you and use you to make numbers. The District Manager has no respect for who you are. When you’re supposed to have a visit from your leadership team will end up not coming and explain to you oh I need you to do this and do that and then see your your visit cost I want you to take pictures and then they tell you your visit past. I’m not hating some of the associates I’ve worked with were cool but the original team that I worked with ended up leaving the store manager the assistant manager and the three other associates that I worked with because poor leadership. My first store manager at this business got yelled that and told by her District Manager that she was useless in front of employees yelling and screaming at her during a conference call. So yeah don’t work for them don’t waste your time unless you’re trying to make quick money."

2nd Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The pay is so low and the commission is only few cents. Zero benefits and really negative environment. Very cheap company doesn’t pay enough at all. Makes you work more than what you earn."

Part Time Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"PROS- Employee discount. CONS- WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN.. Be prepared to be called or texted on your day's off for inappropriate reasons AND NOT HAVE YOUR TIME PAID FOR. Some calls or texts for example, "why was front facing not done CORRECTLY, why was the toilet not scrubbed, why was the microwave not wiped down, where is the stapler, why are all pens missing, why was the trash not taken out, WHY ARE YOU NOT RESPONDING TO CALLS/TEXTS?" If you choose to not respond to manager reaching out on your day's off he/she will threaten with cutting your hours due to "lack of communication". For all the product knowledge that is needed in order to be a satisfactory sales associate, the pay is no more than minimum wage. Management abuse their power of leadership and manipulate associates into giving up commission-able transactions, so sometimes meeting your sales goal is way out of reach. Which leads to coaching reports/WRITE UPS. The easiest part of this job is selling. This is also the least you actually do during your time in the store.. On many occasions associates had fights and extremely verbally aggressive altercations where customers witnessed and were not happy with the level of immaturity brought on by adult workers. Management is only amused by these situations and only add more fuel to the fire by bringing associates together "to hash it out" like some sort of high school fight. Company is going down the drain at a high speed so don't waste your time applying for a company who is shutting their doors any day now. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, be prepared"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Poor Management Sometimes had to work two shifts in one day and 7 days a week because manager could not come in due to personal problems. Loved selling the products and interacting with customers!CommissionLittle to no recognition for going above and beyond"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"just poor management team all the way. telling lies about the products. misleading customers in many different ways . and selling waters in the mall. and more"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Current management is absolutely awful. Could run the store myself first day on the job than the lady always over your shoulder lurking. Great workers there but just poor management and poor boss.Getting paidComing to work"

2nd Asst. Manager (Former Employee) says

"this place has gone downhill over the years the management does not know what they are doing says one thing and does another if you go to work there get every thing in writingdiscountsmanager says one thing but does another"

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Pay is no where near where it needs to be. The company is struggling financially but still pays for a district and regional manger that is no longer needed. They should get rid of the over abundance of corporate staff and invest in the talent in the few stores they have left. No focus on customers at all, constantly found myself and customers having the same complaints about the company. So if the customers aren't happy and the staff in the stores aren't happy your business will fail.Product discountstoo many too list here"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The days where what you made out of them.I was stressful at times do to the lack of education with product knowledge of associates. The constant shift of management made it complicated to offer better assistance to customers as well as associate."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"It use to be a great place to work and since it was acquired by an equity firm and new management came in it has been nothing but a disappointment. Sorry!PeopleManagement"

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. The position says "store manager" but this is no even a management job. your just an associate with more responsibilities. It is like being a manager and associate at the same time. They expect you to organize the store, do visual mechanizing, do inventory; all while your selling. Your also by yourself all day without a break.This store is underdeveloped and they keep hiring people to fix it because is a complete mess. So, in top of learning all the product and management procedures, they expect you to clean and fix their inventory. They only give your six days training and most of the time the district manager is on the phone. In addition, if your off and someone calls out you have to come in and open the store yourself. The worst part is that they pay horrible for this position. you are better off being an associate somewhere else.noneno break, low pay, by yourself all day"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I will never recommend no one for this job upper management don't listen to the people and they tell you we don't hold a gun to your head to work here sad😳🙁😡😤💩NothingCommission sucks"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The district manager and upper management are very bad, mean and unprofessional. Do not work for this company. Nothing to grow in this company.nothingeverything"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Wages have gone down several times in the time I've been employed, and each time corporate sends a memo stating that they are re-configuring our commission and base pay to optimize it for us as employees. They say they are giving us pay cuts like it's a favor to us. Several stores have closed around the country in the last few months leading us to believe that the company is failing. The level of micromanaging is unbelievable, to the point that we get memos instructing us about the order our training and sales binders must be in behind the desk. Employees and store managers aren't trusted by corporate and the pay shows how little employees are appreciated. I enjoy the store I work at because of my direct supervisor and my co-workers but overall I would never recommend working with this company.The store-brand products are of really good quality and are easy to sell.Everything else."

Sales Manager (Seasonal) says

"This position was commissioned based.I didn't like that too much,"

Asst. Manager (Former Employee) says

"NBTY was recently ordered by the court as a result of a whistleblower investigation to compensate its employees for meal/break violations; that is to say, district and regional management routinely forced staff to override time to eliminate overtime and did not allow timely breaks ( to appear more profitable.) No problem for NBTY, as they simply reduced commission a full 1% to pay for all those court-ordered checks NBTY forced to pay out for violations. (My check was over $1200 and I only worked there 2 years at time of payout...that's how gross court found violations to be.) Low wages-made about 35K/year as store manager; compare to Hollister at 70K/year. Great benefits. High pressure sales job for comparatively little pay. Profits before people benefitslow wages, high pressure sales"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was offered a job in management and decided it was a great leap. Almost 3 months into the job was bullied and was told " to look for a new job because the new manager was going to give someone else my job. Currently being investigated by HR and no longer employed.i love nutrition and salespour management"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"This was an awesome place to work until 2008. New management came in and became more focused on the dollar amount you sold to the customer, than is this actually going to help them. There was a lot of back-stabbing in the district I was in. You always had to choose your words carefully, or they would be changed and used against you. Intimidation and fear were common place.the regular customers were the best part of this job.a typical work day would be working a 7-8 shift alone, with no lunch break or bathroom breaks, not a place for someone who wants to stay with the company a long time, when i left they were letting all the long time associates go."

Visual Merchandising Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Office atmosphere is not very good. The pay scale is unfair based on what each associate does on a daily basis. Management shows favoritism to certain associates."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"There is a level of uncertainty right now with Vitamin World due to their bankruptcy and closing of so many stores. As an associate with them,there is little to no hope for growth, advancement or raises.Product discountsLow pay, little growth or advancement"

Abdulmohsen says

"Entire order expires in two months. Very very unethical."

Joy says

"Order made since September 2020, I have not received my order it now January 2021. I contact twice before I received a response, they are telling 3 different thing which is not valid. Please listen to the bad reviews that the real review, I have to contact my card provider to get my money back. What a waste of time and effort. Do not shop with Vitamin World unless you want to waste your money."

solveig svendsen says

"I have used Vitamin World for many years and have never had any problems recieving my order until March 2019. I got a message from customs asking me for checks of product among other things. I sent all they asked for, but the order Ihad placed with Vitamin World apparentlyjust went back to sender. Aprox. one month later the same thing happened. It´s next to impossible to contact Vitamin World from outside USA (all phone numbers are toll free) so I had to wait until I couldcall from USA during a visit there. I then was given a claim number (CAS-036518) and was promised a refund of my payment (131,97 US$ + shipping). The refund never arrived and I never heard back from Vitamin World. I really want to at least know why Vitamin World never contacted me about the claim."

Pav Tissera says

"Terrible! No help or response from customer service, I have tried to contact them in over 3 occasions! I still have not received my supplements and every time I click on the tracking link they say that it was due to be delivered on the 31st March! We are in April and I have had no supplements, no help from the company whatsoever. But they had no problem taking my money though!. Do not shop here unless you want to waste your money!"

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